Good-bye Legionnaires!

I am devastated!

I just read that this August DC Comics is discontinuing my absolute all-time favorite comic book – THE LEGION OF SUPER HEROES.  I simply do not understand this!  (As a sidebar you will learn from my blog that I am quite passionate about the things that I love!  No half-way obsessions for me!  When ABC canceled MISSING starring Ashley Judd last year, I didn’t watch the network for months.  And now I only watch ONCE UPON A TIME under protest!)

Anyway, from the time I was ten years old ’til my late 20s I read THE LEGION religiously.  After that I would pick up copies from time to time, but as with most comic book series the artwork changed so it would resonate with a new generation and it left me cold. But thanks to eBay and some collector’s compilations of the early works I was able to relive my favorite super hero saga.

I think the reason I loved THE LEGION so much is because unlike Marvel comics, there were just as many girls in the series of guys.  Plus, at its core, the series was really just a soap opera with super powers!

For those not in the know, THE LEGION OF SUPER HEROES is made up of a band of intergalactic teenagers from the 23rd century who under Superboy’s leadership saved the worlds of the universe and fought together to maintain peace throughout our and all solar systems.  They also loved.  And that’s what I loved about the series.

Light Lass was Timberwolf’s girlfriend.  Shadow Lass had a thing going on with Mon-el.  Shrinking Violet and Colossal Boy were a pair.  Princess Projectra and Karate Kid, Starboy and Dream Girl, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad.  I could go on and on, but you get the picture!  Plus they all had envelope-pushing costumes!  Guaranteed Lady Gaga grew up reading THE LEGION.  Check out Cosmic Boy’s barely-there get up and you’ll know he was using double sided tape before J. Lo knew what to do with it.

The one consolation is that nothing really ever dies in the world of comic books.  Didn’t they kill off Superman a few years ago only to resurrect him when the fans went insane?  I doubt THE LEGION has the frenzied fan base to demand DC pull a Lazarus and bring the series back from the dead, but maybe someday they’ll decide to restart the series.  Until then at least I have fond memories, plus a nice collection thanks to eBay.  It just makes me sad when things you grew up with, that you always thought would be around, suddenly one day disappear.

So if you’ve never heard of THE LEGION or haven’t seen an issue in a while, check out the links below.  But do it soon because nothing lasts forever.  Even superheroes are mortal.

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