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A Literary Past

So it seems that I might come from good literary stock!  Click below and check out how another Griffo made his name in the publishing world!



The Name Game

One of my favorite things about writing is coming up with fun and interesting names for my characters.  But it isn’t as easy as you might think.  The trick is to make the name memorable without being ridiculous so it doesn’t overshadow the character.  I actually keep a running list of new names that I’m constantly adding to and refer to it if I’m struggling with a name.  Ultimately, I pick names that either immediately tell you something about a character’s character or – to be honest – a name that I just happen to really, really like!  My hope is that you’ll like it too.

When I was starting to think about The Archangel Academy Series I knew that I wanted to name the lead character after an archangel.  Well, if you know anything about archangel names, you know the choices are limited.  Believe it or not, I briefly thought about using Uriel, but quickly realized that it was a bit too ‘out there’ for such a major character’s name so I settled upon Michael.  Even though it’s my name and I’m a little biased, I think it works perfectly.

In contrast, I had the name of my leading character before I wrote a word of MOONGLOW, book one in The Darkborn Legacy.  I love watching old TV shows from the 1960s and ‘70s and I stumbled upon a British anthology series called Thriller.  Each episode is a self-contained murder mystery but the storytelling varies from gothic to supernatural to science fiction – all the things I love.  One episode featured a character named Dominy.  I had never heard that name before, but immediately fell in love with it because it sounded mysterious and playful at the same time.  All I remember about watching that episode is scribbling down the name Dominy, giving her the surname of Robineau, and starting to think of a story that she could star in.  About a month later The Darkborn Legacy was born!