The Darkborn Legacy Book 2


In the latest book in Michael Griffo’s spellbinding Darkborn Legacy series, Dominy Robineau must choose whether to fight the werewolf inside–or the darkness all around. . .

Dominy had no choice in becoming a werewolf. The day she turned sixteen, a witch’s curse erased every trace of normal from her life and ignited a wild hunger that’s already cost Dominy her best friend. And though she’s still got her boyfriend, Caleb, and other allies who promise to help her find a cure, Dom feels completely alone. Yet she isn’t alone. . .

Throughout her hometown of Weeping Water, Nebraska, a legacy of evil is slowly coming to light, pitting friend against friend in an unfolding battle. Dom was sure her only hope was to fight what she’s become. But with an enemy threatening her family, she’ll have to harness the power she fears and gather all the strength she’s got. . .

“ Griffo’s irreverent sense of humor is exhilarating and irrepressible, supplying welcome leavening in a densely plotted title that will draw series fans.”

— Debbie Carton



“On Dominy’ s sixteenth birthday her life was forever changed when the curse that turns her into a werewolf took hold and she killed her best friend. Now in this amazing sequel to Moonglow – The Darkborn Legacy book 1, Dominy has to learn to harness her curse to help her defend those closest to her, not only from Luba, but some unsuspected alliances of hers as well.
As an ultimate evil is hovering, Dominy and her group of friends struggle to uncover who they can trust and who they can’t , until they discover their opponent may have more influence in their lives than they ever expected.

I absolutely loved this book! I was very anxious to find out more about Dominy, her friends, and the butterfly and bee after the ending of Moonglow, but I never expected things to turn out quite like they did. Michael Griffo is one of those amazing authors that as soon as I know he has another book out, I just have to read it! Sunblind was no exception. It has action, suspense, and true friendship, all the makings of a great read. Even when I thought I had everything figured out something else would happen that made me realize that I had most of the puzzle but a few pieces were still left unseen. In summary Sunblind is a great followup to Moonglow and its fascinating fast-paced story will have you not wanting to put it down until you’ve read every word.