The Darkborn Legacy Book 3


In the newest book in Michael Griffo’s mesmerizing Darkborn Legacy series, a small Nebraska town becomes a battleground in a fight between light and dark-and one girl must look to the stars to reclaim her life…

Dominy Robineau will never be just a girl again. At sixteen, a curse awakened the animal inside, and now every full moon transforms her into a creature of terrifying power. But she is not alone.
Dom’s enemy, Nadine-a descendant of Orion, the Hunter-won’t hesitate to kill to increase her strength. There’s a new arrival in town too, and shifting alliances that will bring even more secrecy, mystery, and death to Weeping Water. Dom’s relationship with her boyfriend Caleb, her connection to her best friend Jess, and everything she believes about her family and her past is about to be put to the test. The only way to keep herself and those she loves alive is to strike a bargain that may destroy the last shreds of her humanity…

“Dominy Robineau, a teen cursed to change into werewolf, struggles to save her friends in this conclusion to the paranormal romance with roots in the "Little Red Riding Hood" tale.”

— School Library Journal



“Starfall is the third and final book in the compelling Dark Born Legacy Series. Although we have learned in the previous books that Dominy was cursed by a vengeful witch named Luba, we have also come to see she is also blessed. She is blessed with loyal friends and family and knowing no matter the battles she faces, she will never have to do it alone. Her friends keep her balanced. Starfall mentions balance a lot and it’s very imperative to the story. There have been loses and gains, curses and blessings, love and hate, friends and enemies, good and evil. Its all about balance and now that one of Dominy’s enemies is threatening that balance Dominy will have to form an unholy alliance to restore it and defeat a greater evil.

I have absolutely loved all of the books I have read by Michael Griffo! He creates these amazing and unique stories that keep me held captive to their pages until the very last word! Starfall does exactly this and was the perfect ending to an amazing series. I loved the future sneak peek at the end. When I get so invested in characters I like to know what happens to them! I’m so glad that was done here.