The Darkborn Legacy

And SUNBLIND gets a rave!

Some nice reviews about MOONGLOW

“Well-structured time shifts will keep readers hooked, as will the richly described shifts from girl to wolf. Griffo paints clear, detailed physical and psychological descriptions of the red-haired heroine and the red-furred wolf she becomes.”


“Griffo is back with a great read for any shapeshifter fan.”

—RT Book Reviews



After I finished The Archangel Academy Series I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write next, but I knew I wanted to write another young adult supernatural series.  I fell in love with the genre and the YA audience is wonderful.  They love to read, they enjoy going on magical literary journeys, and they’re not afraid to share their opinions so you know exactly where you stand with them.  The process of writing can often be such a solitary endeavor that it’s refreshing to have such enthusiastic and articulate feedback.

I came up with the name Dominy Robineau first, then decided I wanted to tell her story a bit differently than how I told Michael and Ronan’s.  Not to get overly grammatical, but the Archangel Academy series was written in the third person, present tense, while The Darkborn Legacy books would be written in the first person, present tense.  I had never written in this voice before, but I knew that it suited the story and would make the plot and emotions more immediate and tense for the reader.  However, I must admit that the first few chapters were a challenge and it took until about the first seventy pages for me to get my sea legs!