The Darkborn Legacy Continues

If you read MOONGLOW, the adventure continues with SUNBLIND and STARFALL!

!!!SUNBLIND gets Three Stars from Romantic Times Book Reviews!!!

 “The second Darkborn Legacy title is a good read for any werewolf lover!  Realistic characters, and most excellent descriptions of the shits from human to were, make this worth your time.”

Sounds like a good read to me!


Dominy’s story continues in book two of The Darkborn Legacy, SUNBLIND, which will be published in September 2013.  I don’t want to give away any spoilers so I’ll keep this brief: now that Dominy has (sort of) come to terms with the fact that she’s cursed, she’s trying to get her life back to normal.  But she soon learns she can’t go backward, she can only move forward because the curse has changed her life in more ways than she can imagine.

And not only Dominy’s life has changed, but all her friends as well.  Archie, Arla, Nadine, Napoleon, even Caleb have all been affected by Luba’s curse whether it be physically or emotionally.  No one is getting out of this unscathed!

By the end of SUNDBLIND, Dominy will know exactly who is working with Luba to destroy her life and how evil and destructive Luba and her minions can be.  It will be a devastating lesson and one that will change Dominy forever.


The final book in The Darkborn Legacy, STARFALL, brings the story of Dominy and her friends to its exciting conclusion!

This book proves that even the mighty can fall so Luba better watch out!  I’ve created a wild, new character named Vera Bailey-Clarke who I think you’ll really enjoy.  And I don’t think you’ll guess who she is until it’s too late.  All I’ll say is that Vera plays an integral part in the Dominy vs. Luba battle and you won’t want to miss it.

The rest of Dominy’s Wolf Pack – Archie, Arla, and Caleb – are all able to decide their own fate and determine how they want to live.  The choices they make will stun you!

And then there’s Jess.  I have such a soft spot for this character because she was dealt a terrible blow in the first chapter of MOONGLOW and yet she’s a survivor.  She’s tough and funny and courageous and the best friend Dominy’s ever known.  To me Dominy and Jess are just like Michael and Ronan – a supercouple destined to live on long after I wrote the last word of this series.