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Hold Back the Night – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Amanda Amanda felt confused.  Long before the first promising rays of morning snuck through the pale yellow curtains that hung in her bedroom window, Amanda had been sitting up in bed contemplating how she wondered why her life had gotten so wildly off track. With the goose down comforter tucked close to her […]

Hold Back the Night – Chapter 12

Chapter 12 October 11 – Fifteen Years Ago The brightly lit Eiffel Tower stood out against the dark Paris sky like a jewel pendant fastened to a black silk jacket.  It was a dazzling accessory to an already dazzling city and Ondine and Vincent soaked up the ostentatious atmosphere until they were dizzy.  Although they […]

Hold Back the Night – Chapter 11

Chapter 11 St. Agatha’s The Blessed Mother’s pure light continued to radiate from within Jonatha as she floated effortlessly several inches above the chapel’s stone floor.  The young girl felt a soothing warmth spread throughout her entire body.  She was no longer looking at the Blessed Mother’s loving blue eyes, but through them, into another […]

Hold Back the Night – Chapter 10

Chapter 10 When Vampires Dream In the bowels of the servant’s quarters, down a narrow set of wooden stairs, past the wine cellar, along a long, winding passageway, down a spiral stone staircase, lay the crypt that held Vincent and Adam’s coffins.  In past generations it was a room that housed criminals waiting for execution.  […]

Hold Back the Night – Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Midnight in Nightfall It was pitch black in Edwina’s house when she finally walked through her front door.  Twenty minutes earlier she awakened to find herself lying on Vincent Savage’s couch.  She couldn’t remember if Vincent was in the room or if it was just his lingering spirit that made her spine take […]

Hold Back the Night – Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Mercy Hospital The words Amanda heard were very simple to comprehend.  She was four months pregnant.  It was a fact that should have made her happy, nervous, perhaps even outraged, but it merely left her numb.  After the doctor’s initial announcement, Amanda saw his mouth move, but heard no sound.  She also saw […]

Hold Back the Night – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Mother and Daughter A profound silence enveloped the underground passageway after Amanda collapsed.  Nearby, Winter stood transfixed at the sight of her mother motionless on the ground, but she was still under the control of an unseen force and although her mind was begging her body to move toward Amanda, it refused to […]

Hold Back the Night – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Winter Winter stared into the mirror and directly into the eyes of the raven-haired woman not because she was interested, but because she was paralyzed.  The moment she made eye contact with the mysterious woman, Winter could feel pangs of fear creep into her body making her heart pound and her breath hard […]

Hold Back the Night – Chapter 5

Chapter 5 The Dream It was only 5 pm and already it was dark outside.  There was a definite chill in the air and snow threatened to cover the land.  Amanda was asleep on the living room couch, her face flush from the fireplace flames, and although the room was warm, her hands clutched the […]

Hold Back the Night – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 The Lassiters “Congratulations, Jonatha,” Edwina said.  “It seems you’ve inherited your mother’s remarkable ability to ensnare the opposite sex.” Joe gripped the arm of  his black leather club chair and dropped his jaw.  His daughter would only turn sixteen in a few months and already Edwina was applauding her skills as a seductress.  […]