The third (and thus far, final) book in the groundbreaking series is UNAFRAID.  And Michael continues his journey into a world he never dreamed existed.  A world that includes hybrid-vampires who bow at the altar of The Well, a supernatural creature called an efemera, and more blood and death than he could ever imagine.

Michael has come to find out that he is more than just a vampire – even one that can walk in the sun – he’s fulfilling his destiny.  Before he yearned for a new life while living in Nebraska, before he was even born his fate was foretold – he would lead a race of ancient vampires out of the darkness and back to their rightful place as peaceful rulers.  The good thing is that Ronan is right by his side.  The bad thing is that they’re not certain who their enemies are and who are their friends.

This third entry is all about Michael learning that being strong enough to defend himself isn’t enough.  He must find a way to protect his entire race of vampires and, most importantly, Ronan.  And Ronan must learn that Michael is now his equal, his partner, and as much as he wants to protect his boyfriend, he needs to let Michael learn how to protect himself.

Infiltrating Archangel Academy from all sides are dark forces that are driving everyone to take sides in the escalating violence.  The powerful conclusion is devastating and bittersweet and the only thing I’ll say is that by the last page Michael and Ronan will never be the same.